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About Apex Textile Marketing SFZ Co

Apex Textile Marketing SFZ Co (ATM) is a parent Company of M/S Apex Transgulf Manufacturing LLC – www.apextransgulf.com. ATM is a diversified manufacturing group with interests spanning textiles (sewing threads and slipper socks), and plastic injection molding products.

The sewing thread division comprises of spinning, dyeing, lubrication, and precision winding. ATM’s sewing threads division uses computer-aided color matching systems. Our raw materials are sourced from reputable suppliers from the Far East, and our dyes, chemicals, and lubricants are sourced from Europe to ensure there are no variations of shades, and thus compromises on quality. ATM’s threads are Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified. ATM’s current sewing thread plant capacity is 3,600 tons per annum whereas the socks capacity is 27,000,000 pairs per annum.

The slipper socks division comprises of pasting/dotting machines, steam setting, and auto lock using European, Japanese, and Taiwanese machinery. The installed capacity of this plant is 27,000,000 pairs per annum.

The plastic division manufacturers various products using state of the art, high speed injection molding machinery and molds made with precision. The products are used in a majority of hospitals across North America. The installed capacity is 6,000 MT per annum.

Our Market

We are proud that today, our Omani manufactured sewing threads are used in more than 9 countries around the world by leading garment manufacturers. Our disposable socks are used in various hospitals around Europe and North America.

Our Assurance

From first-hand experience in the garment manufacturing industry, we know that sewing threads can make, or mar a garment, therefore we assure that our products are of the highest quality, delivered in the shortest time, and at a cost that is competitive!

Our Plant & Machinery

Toyota Spinning - Murata Autoconer

Taining precession dye to package winders

Thies eco-block yarn dyeing machines

Data color software to match exact colors

Taining lubrication winders

Taining auto doffing cone winders

Auto shrink wrapping machine for packaging

Covered and controlled warehouse

Rosso Auto Lock

Our Products - Sewing Thread

Our products range from 60/2, 60/3, 50/2, 40/3, 40/2, 20/3, 20/2, and 12/5. This coupled with our extensive color shades ensures our customers have a maximum variety of thread count and colors to choose from.

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